Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First week of our experiment

1st experiment of our own product~

White chocolate & Black chocolate with filling inside

–Strawberry filling
-Blueberry filling
-Pineapple filling

1. Blueberry filing  -200 gm
2. Strawberry filling – 200 gm
3. Pineapple filling – 200 gm
4. White chocolate bar – 500 gm
5. Chocolate bar – 500 gm

cooking method:
1. First thing that has to be done is melt both white chocolate and chocolate with double boil method.
2. Fill half chocolate mold with chocolate and white chocolate. Then put the fillings inside the chocolate mold. Lastly cover those fillings back with chocolate and white chocolate.
*For the pineapple filling, it should be blend and heated with small amount of sugar. Add 2 tsp of cinnamon powder.

this is the step by doing the all the filling:

Blueberry Filling

Strawberry Filling

Pineapple Filling

*click image to enlarge

After those filling been covered up with chocolate and white chocolate. Chilled it in chiller for 10 minutes. Our product are ready to be serve.


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