Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3rd weeks of our experiment

For this week of experiment, our group decided to used watermelon, capsicum and cheese as a filling. Here are those experiment are done.

Half watermelon been cut into medium dice and the other half are used to blend.
As usual the chocolates were melting with double boil method.
In time other group members set up the mise en place for another filling.

capsicum been heated with small fire on a stove until it becomes a little bit dark brown. When the capsicum become soft, cut the capsicum into small dice.

Cheese choc
For cheese, shape the cheese with various shape that u prefer to. Cold the cheese so that to maintain the shape.

After all the mise en place are done, the real job are began. For the first step, fill the mold with white chocolate and chocolate into half, then put capsicum and watermelon. Cover the watermelon and the capsicum with white chocolate and chocolate. You also can make the chocolate become interesting for example, make the chocolate contra black and white chocolate or full white chocolate or full black chocolate.

For cheese, we decide to cover the whole cheese with black and white chocolate. You guys know what? Its taste quite good!

This is the step by doing all the filling:

Watermelon Filling

Capsicum Filling

Chocolate Cheese

*click image to enlarge

After those filling been covered up with chocolate and white chocolate. Chilled it in chiller for 10 minutes. Our product are ready to be serve.


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