Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2nd week of experiment.

Filling –     Fresh durian
-          Fresh mango and mango filling
-          Fresh rambutan

Cooking method : 
1) First step as usual fresh mango need to be wash and peel the skin. In time melt both the chocolate (white choc and black choc with double boil method) but this time we add cocoa butter  to make the chocolate feel more delicious.
2) Fresh diced mango put in the chocolate mold and covered with both type of chocolate(black and white chocolate).*mango been cut into dice.
3)Same things happen fresh rambutan.cut the rambutan into dice.
4) For the durian,take only the durian flesh

This is the step by doing all the filling:

Durian Filling

Mango Filling

Rambutan Filling

*click image to enlarge

After those filling been covered up with chocolate and white chocolate. Chilled it in chiller for 10 minutes. Our product are ready to be serve.



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